Shred-Tech Targets Urban Areas with MDS-10GT

Shred-Tech Targets Urban Areas with MDS-10GT

Company's new shredder truck can process 3,200 pounds of documents per hour.

May 21, 2010
SDB Staff

Shred-Tech is introducing the newest product to its roster of mobile shredding equipment. The MDS-10GT, with a legal payload capacity of 5,000 pounds, is ideal for companies that are either looking to operate more efficiently in a congested, urban environment or entrepreneurs looking to enter the mobile document destruction industry. The truck is capable of shredding about 3,200 pounds of documents an hour.

Joe Roberto, vice president of sales and marketing for Shred-Tech, says the MDS-10GT can serve two needs. The new product is highly efficient as an inner city truck. “It is very maneuverable. But, because it is a smaller truck, it is less expensive than the larger, more conventional trucks,” says Roberto.

A second opportunity, Roberto adds, is the vehicle being used as an entry level truck for someone looking to enter the mobile document destruction industry. Because the vehicle is less expensive than a more traditional, larger vehicle, more entrepreneurs can see the “entry point,” with this shredding vehicle.

Other benefits of the MDS-10GT include the following:

Due to the truck cab design, it is far quieter than other shredding trucks.

The truck can be serviced at any Ford dealership.

Due to the size of the vehicle, a commercial drivers license is not required to operate the vehicle.

While size wise the vehicle is scaled down from its larger vehicles, Roberto says that the vehicle still includes many of the features offered on other Shred-Tech mobile shredding vehicles. The truck includes Shred-Tech’s ST-15H shredding system, which is incorporated in two other Shred-Tech vehicles. The smaller shredding truck also contains the company’s patented bin tunnel and lift systems, as well as the +1 control system feature, found on the company’s larger trucks.

The MDS-10GT may target urban environs, but Roberto is quick to point out that the vehicle also is effective when servicing more rural routes. It may not be cost effective to send a larger truck to handle small offices as part of a larger contract. However, due to the size of the MDS-10GT, a driver can handle trips outside a densely populated area without having to incur the higher costs associated with a larger truck.

A prototype of the vehicle was first shown during the Annual National Association for Information Destruction Conference in March in Las Vegas. The truck is available throughout North America.

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