SDS Director Receives Award

Lucy Shipley, director of SDS, the document storage division of Shredall Group, recognized for “outstanding contribution.”

November 19, 2012
SDB Staff
Lucy Shipley, director of SDS, the document storage division of the Shredall Group, Nottingham, U.K., has received the Midlands Outstanding Contribution Award for developing and growing SDS into one of the U.K.’s document storage specialists.
The award encourages family businesses to nominate an individual who has made a significant difference to the business in recent years. 
The award ceremony was held at Leicester’s iconic Curve Theatre.
“To win ‘Outstanding Contribution’ at the Midlands Family Business Awards is just fantastic,” Shipley says. “I knew the competition was fierce and really didn’t think I would win. I am extremely proud of SDS, and to be recognized in this capacity is very rewarding.”
Under Shipley’s leadership, SDS increased its turnover by 61 percent within the last year. The year before, SDS grew by 39 percent.
Shipley began her career selling for Shredall, the destruction side of the business, gaining experience in marketing, compliance, operations and accounts, before setting up SDS. In 2005, she was SDS’ only staff member, meaning she was retrieving files out of boxes, doing the accounts and driving the van to deliver files.
SDS now has 140,000 boxes in storage, and Shipley is thinking about buying a new secure warehouse. The company says it has already increased its underground document storage facilities by nearly triple the amount and its 60,000-square-foot Bestwood Village facility in Nottingham will be full by next year. 
Nik Williams, Shipley’s brother and Shredall sales director, says, “We work in a very male-dominated industry and we feel proud that Lucy as a young woman has carved out a successful business in such hard economic times. SDS now offers add-on services, document scanning and off-site backup tape storage, to offer customers a one-stop shop of information management services.”
Lloyd Williams, Shipley’s father and managing director of Shredall and SDS, comments, “I am very proud of Lucy and trust her 100 percent.
“Lucy has made major in-roads to the companies ISO’s 9001, 14000, 18001 and Investors in People. This has given her opportunity to create a culture of compliance within the business. Whilst this has been a sharp learning curve for Lucy, this has been a major turning point for SDS in terms of best practices and continuous improvement.”