PRISM International Members Elect CRMI President to Board

Gail Bisbee elected as small business director of PRISM.

December 11, 2012
SDB Staff
Gail Bisbee, president of Confidential Records Management Inc. (CRMI), a Greenville, N.C.-based records and information (RIM) company, has been elected as small business director of Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM) International
PRISM International is a professional association for commercial RIM services providers. 
As an active member of the records management community, past treasurer of PRISM and a small business owner, Bisbee brings more than 17 years of professional experience to her role as small business director. 
“Being elected to the board only strengthens CRMI’s commitment to the organization, the records and data management industry and the clients we serve,” Bisbee says. “I look forward to being involved in the educational and networking opportunities the international association provides as well as the opportunity to work with others within the industry to enhance service offerings and build on professional best practices.”
Bisbee founded CRMI in 1995. The company offers records and data management solutions for business and health care clients throughout North Carolina.