O’Neil Software Releases Update for RS-SQL

Version 4.05 is supported on Windows 8, and RSWeb.net is supported on Internet Explorer 10.

January 31, 2013
SDB Staff
Irvine, Calif.-based O’Neil Software recently announced its newest upgrade, RS-SQL Version 4.05, which is now supported on Windows 8. Additionally, RSWeb®.net is supported on Internet Explorer 10. 
“Change is inevitable,” says Ian Thomas, executive vice president of O’Neil Software. “But embrace it and your entire record center can become more efficient and rise to new levels. This is why O’Neil continuously upgrades their records storage and management software. We never lose sight of where the industry is headed and how we can apply technology to our customers’ operations, to help them achieve greater productivity and profitability.”
Other highlights of RS-SQL Version 4.05 include:
  • The addition of several new predefined queries to the user grid related to Web user settings, which can help with the management of Web users by helping to identify which Web users have been assigned certain Web settings; 
  • User-defined columns enable customers can create simplified import formats with only the fields of data they wish to change; 
  • Document query and post -load list from file menu, which was added for customers who use the documents feature, allows lists of documents that need to be delivered to be quickly added to the work order; 
  • Monthly schedules can be created based on the day and the week within the month (i.e., third Tuesday of the month); and
  • When assigning account access to users, access can now be granted to all sub-accounts through the User Access Add dialog. 
RSWeb®.NET upgrades include the addition of several fields related to model users are now available in the User Settings Grid and can be added as columns, queried on or sorted by. It also makes updating multiple users, who are tied to a particular model user, faster, O’Neil says. Users also can include customized column headers setup for customers, allowing clients to quickly export their data into a format they can use in Excel and not have to remember which column holds which data.
RSMobile® registration also can be completed uisng oneilCloud™. Upon receipt of a new scanner from O’Neil, customers need only to plug it in and initialize the device to register it. 
For more than 30 years, O’Neil has provided software and hardware for more than 1,000 record centers in more than 80 countries, from startups to multinationals.