NAID Membership Grows in 2012

The association now has nearly 2,000 members worldwide.

  • February 6, 2013
  • SDB Staff
The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), based in Phoenix, has announced that it added 159 member locations in 2012. Additionally, NAID says that 177 member locations became NAID AAA certified in 2012. NAID is a nonprofit trade association of the secure destruction industry. 
NAID CEO Bob Johnson says, “I consider NAID’s continued growth to reflect its growing relevance. It’s a matter of suiting up every day and focusing on how we can improve our members’ businesses.”
NAID says that while growth remained strongest in the United States, international growth contributed significantly to the association’s expansion. Also, NAID says that of the 159 new member locations, about 40 percent of these businesses offer sanitization, degaussing or electronic media destruction services. 
Tom Huth, NAID membership chair and president-elect, says, “As long as we focus on what is best for the industry and deliver a quality message, membership will take care of itself. It is really not about numbers; it is about our mission.”
NAID says much of its steady growth can be attributed to the association’s efforts to build consumer and member awareness about vendor qualifications, policy development and employee training. 
NAID currently has 1,938 member locations globally.