NAID Canada Workshop Features Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner

Ann Cavoukian to discuss importance of data disposal policies.

  • December 17, 2012
  • SDB Staff
The Canadian chapter of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) will conduct a workshop in Toronto Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2013, about developing data disposal polices and training, which is required by law. 
Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) Ann Cavoukian will open the workshop by discussing the importance of such policies and training in various organizations. 
The workshop registration fee includes the “NAID Information Destruction Policy Development Workbook,” a CD of electronic templates and forms designed to assist in policy development and a turn-key information destruction training program and DVD. According to NAID, the policy development and training materials are suitable for use in any size organization. During the workshop, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will familiarize attendees with the use of these programs tools. 
“While Canadian data protection regulations require organizations to have written policies and training, there are very few resources available to show how to create them,” Johnson says. “The problem is that without such policies and training in place, regulators are far more likely to rule that an organization is negligent if there is a breach.”
A similar event was held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in early October. More than 40 people attended the half-day workshop from various health and government organizations, NAID reports.
“Our staff thought it was terrific and there was similar feedback from other attendees,” says Saskatchewan IPC Gary Dickson. “This will definitely help us move the yardsticks to stronger privacy compliance in this province.”
More information on the Toronto workshop and online registration is available at