NAID-ANZ Study Looks at Confidential Information Disposal Practices

Study commissioned by the Australian chapter of the National Association for Information Destruction said to reveal troubling practices in some sectors.

February 13, 2013
SDB Staff
The results of a new study commissioned by the Australian Chapter of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID-ANZ) will be formally released at a 10 a.m. media conference Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013. The event is in conjunction with the NAID-ANZ 2013 annual conference, which takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Sydney. 
According to NAID-ANZ, “Similar press conferences that were held in Madrid and Toronto attracted major national media outlets and opened a national dialog about the need for better laws promoting the proper disposal of sensitive information.”
The Australian disposal habits study was designed to discover the relative percentage of confidential information disposed of as waste that might be available on any given day at a cross section of organizations with sensitive data, NAID-ANZ says. In January and February 2013 a licensed private investigator casually examined the contents of publicly accessible waste bins used by businesses that have an established responsibility to protect client data.
The findings within some sectors were particularly troubling, according to NAID-ANZ. 
“According to the Australian Crime Commission, identity theft is the fast growing crime in the country,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “Studies have shown that these criminals often rely on low-tech, untraceable sources of personal information. Dumpster diving is a big part of their trade craft.”
In addition to the study results, which will be presented by Johnson and the private investigation firm that carried out the study, the press conference will detail how Sydney-area companies fair with respect to similar metropolitan areas around the world where comparable studies have been carried out. According to NAID-ANZ, top officials from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and the Department of the Australian Attorney General will attend the event. 
NAID-ANZ is a chapter of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), a nonprofit trade association representing the secure destruction industry. NAID-ANZ’s mission is to promote the proper destruction of discarded information through education and to encourage the outsourcing of destruction needs to qualified contractors, including those that are NAID certified.