Reclamere Co-Founder Obtains CIPP Designation

Exam offered by the IAPP.

  • April 28, 2010
Joe Harford

Joseph Harford, co-founder and VP of Sales at Reclamere Inc., has passed his Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) exam, the industry standard certification to demonstrate a strong foundation in U.S. privacy laws and regulations as well as an understanding of the legal requirements for the responsible transfer of sensitive personal data to and from the United States.

The CIPP exam is offered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Founded in 2000, the IAPP is the world's largest association of privacy professionals, representing more than 7,000 members from businesses, governments and academic institutions across 52 countries.

Reclamere was founded in 2001. 

Security assessments involves reviewing an organizations policies and procedures to mitigate risk. Data recovery involves retrieving lost data on a computer's hard drive that crashed or suffered a catastrophic failure. E-forensics involves finding the hidden or deleted data that resides on a computer's hard drive using a specific software program and a certified examiner. E-forensics is necessary to protect the integrity of the data if the information is being obtained with the possibility of using it in a legal proceeding.