Collection Events Net Cintas 1 Million Pounds of Paper

Company shreds and recycles 1 million pounds of paper during Navy Federal Credit Union “Shred-eral” Events and Protect Your Identity Week.

November 19, 2012
SDB Staff
Cintas Corp., headquartered in Cincinnati, has announced that it has shredded and recycled 1 million pounds of paper collected during Navy Federal Credit Union October “SHRED-eral” events held Oct. 13, 2012, and National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) Protect Your Identity Week (PYIW) events held Oct. 20-27, 2012. 
“Shredding documents is a critical step consumers should take to protect their confidential information, but it is also a great way to reduce our environmental impact,” says Jamie Samide, senior marketing director of Cintas Document Management. “Recycling paper saves water, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses approximately 25 percent less energy than manufacturing paper from trees.”   
PYIW and Navy Federal participants around the country brought sensitive documents to local events. The documents were shredded using the Cintas SmartShred™ process and the company’s bile shredding trucks. Once shredded, the paper is delivered to a paper mill, where it is turned into pulp and manufactured into secondary paper products. 
The total environmental savings from these events, according to Environmental Paper Network’s calculator, include:
  • 10,888 million British thermal units (BTUs), enough energy to power approximately 120 homes per year; 
  • 1.76 million pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to what 160 cars emit per year; and
  • 5.8 million gallons of water, enough to fill about nine Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

Cintas provides document shredding, storage and imaging programs that are designed to provide businesses with data privacy and security, compliance with regulatory requirements and greater control.