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Southco Introduces Device for Storage Units

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Company’s EA-A06 Controller designed to streamline access control with computer-controlled operation of electronic locks.

SDB Staff December 4, 2012
Southco, headquartered in Concordville, Pa., has released the EA-A06 USB controller, which allows for the independent, computer-controlled operation of up to 14 different electronic locks or devices when connected to a computer via a standard USB port. With independently labeled connections for latch inputs, the controller is designed for plug-and-play installation and can be integrated with any Southco electromechanical lock to enable remote operation, the company says. 
The EA-A06 features a user-friendly interface with simple programming commands that can be used with existing customer software, according to Southco. Using a single computer, the configuration, operation and monitoring of electronic devices is simplified and the need for additional access hardware or devices is eliminated. 
The EA-A06, in conjunction with an existing computer, also enables users to remotely track and record access to electronic locks, providing an audit trail that can help demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
Sonny Van Ngo, Southco field applications engineer, says, “When connected to an existing computer, the EA-A06 USB controller allows remote, secure access control and monitoring of any electronic lock. It is an ideal solution for storage units and cabinetry where security is needed across multiple enclosures.”
Southco provides engineered access solutions, including latches, locks, captive fasteners, hinges, handles and other accessories for applications in the marine, networking, telecommunications, computer, automotive, aerospace, mass transit, off-highway/construction, RV/caravan, industrial machinery and HVAC industries.
More information about the EA-A06 USB Controller is available at www.southco.com.


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