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Networkfleet Connect Features Garmin Navigation

Fleet management integrated with Garmin navigation to enable two-way communication, job management and routing.

Recycling Today Staff June 16, 2011

San Diego-based Networkfleet, a provider of wireless fleet management services, has announced the release of Networkfleet Connect, a set of field management capabilities designed to integrate with Garmin navigation devices that support Fleet Management Interface Version 2.6 and higher.

With Networkfleet Connect, fleet managers can assign jobs, dispatch drivers to specific destinations, provide turn-by-turn directions and communicate with drivers in real time, all via the driver’s in-cab Garmin device, the company says.

Primary features of Networkfleet Connect include:

•    Job Creation/Dispatch—Users can create and assign jobs by address, landmark, latitude/longitude and vehicle, dispatch drivers to specified destinations via their in-cab Garmin device and schedule jobs in real time or for future dates and times.
•    Two-way Messaging—Users can communicate in real time with drivers in the field, including custom driver response options (i.e. free form text, yes/no, etc.). Users also can send notifications in real time or schedule messages to drivers with job-related information.
•    Connect Dashboard—Users can access at-a-glance job snapshots showing jobs in progress, recently completed jobs as well as a summary of the day’s job activity. View most recent messages sent between drivers and dispatchers.
•    In-Cab Garmin Features—Users can view, accept and update job status directly from the Garmin device and access turn-by-turn navigation and directions to specified job sites.

"Networkfleet CONNECT gives fleets the power to manage their businesses more efficiently,” says Keith Schneider, president and CEO of Networkfleet. “By assigning and monitoring jobs directly with drivers in real time, this capability provides them with a significant competitive advantage. At the same time, fleets using Networkfleet Connect benefit from the comprehensive reporting, diagnostic monitoring and GPS tracking provided by Networkfleet’s wireless fleet management system.”



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