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Data Storage Group Receives Patent for Data Deduplication Technology

Company claims its source-side deduplication approach offers advances in data storage technology.

SDB Staff January 19, 2011

Data Storage Group (DataStor), a Colorado-based data backup and disaster recovery software firm, has reported that the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the company a patent for its core data deduplication technology.

In a press release, DataStor claims that its software-based approach, known as Adaptive Content Factoring, offers significant advancements and operational efficiencies in data backup and archival storage for small to medium-sized businesses as well as for large enterprises.

DataStor’s press release notes that organizations face significant challenges meeting long-term data retention requirements while maintaining compliance with numerous state and federal regulations and guidelines requiring firms to keep necessary information available in a useable fashion. Adding to this challenge is the growth in digital information.

"For DataStor this patent recognizes our technological contribution to the industry and represents the culmination of years of hard work by a team of dedicated and very talented individuals,” says Brian Dodd, CEO of Data Storage Group. “We are extremely pleased to receive this patent and to have the associated exclusive rights to offer this core foundation of groundbreaking technology to the industry."

Mike Moore, company co-founder and chief technology officer, adds, "Unlike other, more typical deduplication technologies that chunk data into tiny blocks and require massive indexes to identify and manage common content, our elegant solution to the problem decreases backup storage requirements by efficiently identifying and eliminating sub-file redundancies at the source, thereby optimizing the data before it's transmitted across networks. This technology has demonstrated substantial increases in bandwidth utilization, providing much quicker and more efficient backups -- as much as 20 times faster than traditional backups."

Distributing the source-side deduplication process across a network of computers provides better performance and scalability, according to the company. The technology also delivers an integrated virtual file system that is designed to allow users to easily restore and directly access, through standard interfaces, data for all managed points in time, empowering users to meet their most stringent data storage and retention requirements affordably, DataStor says.



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