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Roman Leads e-Stewards Certification Program

Lauren Roman joins Basel Action Network.

April 7, 2010

Lauren Roman, a recycling industry expert who has supported responsible recycling and worked with dozens of electronics recycling companies for more than 16 years, has joined the Basel Action Network (BAN), Seattle, as business director of the e-Stewards Certification Program.

“Lauren has worked closely with BAN since inception of the e-waste mission, largely educating the electronics recycling industry and their customers of the ills and risks of dumping our hazardous products on developing countries,” says BAN Executive Director Jim Puckett. “Her relationships with so many recyclers and reputation as an advocate for responsible recycling are a tremendous asset for all the e-Stewards recyclers we support in our program."
Roman began her career in the electronics recycling industry in 1994 with a contract with Digital Equipment Corp., which ran the first so-called electronics “demanufacturing” operation in the U.S. She subsequently has worked internally and on a consulting basis with dozens of electronics recyclers throughout North America on their marketing and business development activities with a focus on responsible domestic recycling.
“For too many years, responsible recyclers have struggled to differentiate themselves from disingenuous competitors that intentionally mislead customers and ship hazardous e-waste overseas rather than recycling it domestically as they say they do,” Roman says. “The new e-Stewards Certification helps businesses and consumers identify those recyclers that will responsibly recycle obsolete electronics. I’m very excited to help lead the charge.”
BAN finalized the new e-Stewards Standard in July 2009 and now has a number of electronics recyclers pursuing formal certification, which incorporates ISO 14001 requirements for environmental management.
Roman can be contacted at lroman@ban.org.        


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