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Iron Mountain Simplifies the Collection of Laptop and Desktop Data for eDiscovery

Connected Classify & Collect Provides Visibility, Access, and Control over Laptop and Desktop Data to comply with eDiscovery requests.

April 3, 2010

Iron Mountain Inc. is introducing its Connected Classify & Collect, which aims to simplify the collection process for distributed PC data to comply with a legal hold request. The Connected Classify & Collect offers helps businesses to quickly find relevant data on laptop and desktop computers to meet litigation and compliance requirements.

The offering reflects the company’s shift to provide customers with services and solutions that go beyond cloud storage and support them with key on-premises requirements such as those for eDiscovery.

“Enterprises struggle to comb quickly through their data and determine what they have in order to respond to mounting litigation and compliance demands,” says Ramana Venkata, president, Iron Mountain Digital. “These growing data volumes and inability to find information quickly presents enormous operational and compliance risks for our customers. We developed the Connected Classify & Collect offering to allow customers to be prepared for litigation when necessary and respond appropriately by making data stored on enterprise PCs and laptops easily searchable and discoverable.”

The Connected Classify & Collect offering makes laptop and desktop data easily visible, searchable and usable. It also protects data and prevents accidental deletion to support eDiscovery or internal investigations. Its enterprise-class data-classification capabilities give administrators visibility into vast amounts of data stored on enterprise PCs and allow them to lower eDiscovery costs by quickly collecting relevant information to be used for early-case assessments and first-pass reviews. Additionally, the Connected Classify & Collect offering helps businesses establish a thorough and defensible collection process with its ability to track all activities, including the search terms and documents returned to support internal reviews.

“Enterprises are facing increasing amounts of litigation, regulatory and compliance pressures and are bogged down by growing volumes of electronic data,” says Vivian Tero, program manager, GRC Infrastructure with IDC. “PC backup solutions should no longer simply store and protect data, but also enable the search, collection and classification of data to seamlessly integrate with eDiscovery tools and processes.”

The Connected Classify & Collect offering integrates directly with Iron Mountain’s Connected PC data backup solution to allow customers to quickly find all relevant data across laptop and desktop computers. The Connected Classify & Collect offering can seamlessly transfer data to Iron Mountain’s culling and on-premises early-case assessment tool, Stratify eVantage. For larger litigation matters, organizations can easily transfer their onsite data to Iron Mountain’s hosted review solution, Stratify Legal Discovery Service.



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